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Your school data. Brought
together, made simple.

Gain a deeper understanding of your learners. Intellischool gives you a single, holistic view across attendance, wellbeing, and academic performance.

By providing instant insight into student learning and behaviour, teachers are set up for success with easy to access dashboards providing insights at a student, class, and cohort level.

Student Profile Dashboard

Perfect for understanding how a student is tracking, across attendance, social behaviours, and academic performance.

Class Analytics

Provides teachers with class cohort comparison data.

Cohort Growth and Performance Analysis Dashboard

Provides curriculum leaders, year level coordinators, and leadership team members with insights into cohort growth and performance.

Share images of school memories and connect instantly with your school community.

Meet the Schoolbox media management partner.

engage parents

Engage parents

secure integration

Secure sharing

everyday moments

Everyday moments

Customisable Modules

Access all of your favourite features from Schoolbox through your customised school app modules to meet the needs of your school community.









Combine all of your school’s data—including NAPLAN, ACER, AAS—into a single view, for easy-to-understand data and insights for the whole school.

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Insights designed for educators

Educate in partnership with parents

Share student insights on your Schoolbox Parent Dashboard and engage parents in their child’s progress and achievements.

Helping learners flourish

Access insights within Schoolbox to understand how students respond, behave and achieve, so you can create an environment where your learners flourish.

Stay one step ahead with Pulse Alerts

Create pulse alerts for teachers to highlight areas for academic or behavioural development, making it easier for teachers to stay one step ahead.

Insights for school leaders

Track key academic metrics at a cohort or whole-school level, whilst also gaining oversight into key business metrics.

“The plug-and-play nature of Albitros [Intellischool] is immediately evident; there was very little effort required on our part to get it up and running. We have already started using the cohort analysis tools, and the adherence visualisations will be very useful!”

Nicole Bensch
Goulburn Valley Grammar School, VIC

Gain a deeper understanding of your learners

Choose from two product solutions, integrated within the Schoolbox platform.



Learner Profile


Achievement (grades over time)


Standardised testing

Deep skills analysis


Class Profile

Class insights


Achievement (grades over time)

Performance (ranking / box+whiskers)

Standard testing

Zone of Proximal Development

Deep skills insights


Cohort Profile

Curriculum Profile

Creator Console

Pulse Alerts

Data sources

4 included

5 included

Additional data sources


SIS Integrations

Intellischool is compatible with most major SIS
products. Speak to our team for details.


Essential Analytics


Available on Schoolbox Elite and Pro plans

Per student, annually*

Premium Analytics


Available on Schoolbox Elite and Pro plans

Per student, annually*

*implementation costs will be quoted based on individual school needs

**additional cost per data source

Schoolbox + Intellischool

Your school data. Brought together, made simple

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