v16.5 GOLD Release is available now

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By bojana.lazarevska
v16.5 GOLD Release is available now

We are delighted to announce our major release Schoolbox v16.5 GOLD is complete and available now. A big shout-out to our active user community and their contributions in our ideas forums at help.schoolbox.com.au. Thank you for helping to guide our product journey.

You will be pleased to see we have completed a major re-engineer of the LMS to support project-based learning (PBL) and personalised learning (PL). We have improved the submission and assessment workflows and have some great new user interface updates.

The stand out features of v16.5 GOLD


Schoolbox fixtures feature trophy

  • Set up, administrate and manage school sports, activities and events.
  • Keep team members and their parents notified and updated of all important details or changes.
  • Fully integrated into the calendar, team home pages, google maps and notification system.


Schoolbox v16.5 project feature

  • Flexible course delivery in the classroom to support project-based learning or personalised learning.
  • Added layer of assessment by containing tasks, quizzes or due work into a project with a summated grade.

LTI Support

Schoolbox v16.5 LTI integration feature
  • Extend the capabilities of your platform and enhance the learners’ experience by integrating with an array of industry partners and educational tools.
  • Seamless access for students to utilise 3rd party tools without the need for extra set up or configuration


Schoolbox v16.5 navigation feature
  • Customise and configure your own navigation areas. You decide what is relevant and important to your users or roles, and can now easily set the display or links in-house.
  • Link directly to your personal classes and groups through a new dashboard component. Quickly view stats, marks or analytics from the tile.

Other changes and features

There are additional changes to the Projects, minor new features our community have voted for, some important things you need to know and supporting change management documentation available on Schoolbox Help.

View the v16.5 release notes

Watch the recorded v16.5RC Walkthrough Webinar by James Leckie, Co-founder, to get a sneak peak at the new features and improvements.

Enjoy! – The Schoolbox Team.