The Schoolbox v18.1 Release Candidate is now Live

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By bojana.lazarevska
The Schoolbox v18.1 Release Candidate is now Live

We’re happy to announce that the Schoolbox v18.1 Release Candidate will soon be ready for testing in your development environment.

This release includes plenty of new features and updates we know schools will love. We would like to thank our active Schoolbox Help community for their ideas and contributions to our online forums, which continue to inspire our work!

Introducing the new updates to your team

First, make sure you familiarise yourself with the release by watching our v18.1 walkthrough, where Chief Product Owner, James Leckie, explains the upcoming features.

Then, please read all of our supporting documentation on Schoolbox Help, including the:

To receive the v18.1 Release Candidate update

You will automatically receive pre-release updates of Schoolbox v18.1 on your dev server, during the beta period. Easy!

We expect the beta period to last for one month. At the end of the beta period, we will announce our final gold release. Instructions on how to upgrade to the final gold release will be made available at the end of the beta period.

What’s coming up in v18.1

News  School Communication and News

We’ve added several innovative improvements to News. These include:

  • News moderation.
  • An improved audience selector.
  • A save-for-later option.
  • And so much more!

Rubrics  Rubric Enhancements

We identified two functions we could introduce that would improve our Rubrics: allowing a mark for each capability, and providing a range of marks for a single rubric descriptor. These new functions can be used individually, or combined.

Atlas Rubicon  Atlas Rubicon Course Importer

Years in the making, we’ve finally added the ability to import Atlas Rubicon curriculum data into Schoolbox for schools that are on the Pro or Elite plans.

Other Changes and Features

There’s plenty more to get excited about with this release, including:

We hope you enjoy v18.1!

Speak soon,
The Schoolbox team