Schoolbox v21.0 is Gold

Picture of By Kay Nageswaran
By Kay Nageswaran
Schoolbox v21.0 is Gold

Our first release of 2021 is now Gold!

Our promise to deliver features to meet the needs of your school never wavers. 

No doubt it has been a tough year but with these new features and enhancements, we are sure you will be well-equipped to tackle new challenges. 

We are in fact very excited to officially announce that you can now use Schoolbox to directly capture video and audio to share with your community. Not only that, we have also introduced the capability to quickly embed and share Google Files for real-time collaboration without needing to leave the platform! 

Want to know what else is on offer? Here’s a sneaky snapshot:

  • Download Class Feedback: You will now have the capability to download a PDF of a student’s rubric and grades alongside the student’s work.
  • Improved Print Support: You can now print pages, timetables, calendars and rubrics in full colour so you can share with others offline.
  • Online Help: This feature enables access to Schoolbox Help without the need to remember a username and password by simply clicking the link inside the User Account menu.
  • GeoSnapShot: This exciting new partnership provides an integration that enables your school to engage with the community by sharing important moments inside Schoolbox. With this partnership, your school will save greatly in administration time and will be able to facilitate new fundraising opportunities within the school community. 

Find out more in our release notes and if you haven’t already, watch the v21.0 Webinar Walkthrough, hosted by our very own Chief Product Owner, James Leckie. 

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Stay safe!

The Schoolbox Team