Schoolbox v20.1 is Gold

Picture of By Kay Nageswaran
By Kay Nageswaran
Schoolbox v20.1 is Gold

The time has arrived. Schoolbox v20.1 is Gold!

With schools navigating the back and forth between lockdown measures, we are working harder than ever to ensure enhancements continue to meet your school’s ever changing needs.

Take a sneak peek of some of the exciting features of the newest version:

  • Calendar Meetings: Schedule and manage your events with Schoolbox, from project collaborations to parent teacher meetings. Events can be shared between individuals or a larger audience and once shared, anyone with visibility of the event can respond to let you know if they are attending, and the event will appear in their calendar.
  • Immersive Reader Integration: This free tool provided by Microsoft, designed to assist with reading, is integrated with Schoolbox, providing a full screen experience that reduces clutter, and allows changes in font size, spacing and colour. It can even highlight words and read it aloud to the student, in any language they choose.
  • Schoolbox API: To make APIs more accessible, Schoolbox now has a JWT token that can be used with Bearer Authorisation to access any API endpoint. Currently you can find APIs for News, Calendars and Users, with many more coming soon. 
  • Year Level LMS Policy Settings: Provide the continuous report that is right for each specific year level with ease by assigning policy settings to different year levels. You can now apply year level(s) to any class page, effectively giving each year level the ability to have its own unique way to continuously report.

Find out more in our release notes and if you haven’t already, watch the v20.1 Webinar Walkthrough, hosted by our very own Chief Product Owner, James Leckie. 

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Stay safe!

The Schoolbox Team