Schoolbox v20.0 goes Gold

Picture of By Kay Nageswaran
By Kay Nageswaran
Schoolbox v20.0 goes Gold

What you heard is true! Schoolbox v20.0 is now Gold!

And we have some very exciting new features to announce—in particular our brand new integration with Microsoft Teams ? 

In fact, we’ve made a few tweaks to ensure the platform can further accommodate the needs of your school for distance learning.

Check them out!

New Features and Enhancements for 2020

  • Microsoft Teams Integration: To enable further video conferencing options for your school, you can now create a Teams meeting within Schoolbox using a simple toggle function.
  • Priority News: Always wanted to prioritise news for your school community? Now you can pin the priority news that you wish your community to see, regardless of the notification settings of the individual user, to the top of the News Feed. 
  • Resubmit Work: The flexibility for due work has been expanded whereby students can now resubmit via the Schoolbox platform.
  • Pastoral Enhancements for NCCD: Amongst other amazing enhancements in the NCCD arena, our ever helpful tagging system for cataloguing information within the pastoral system can now be maintained by Superusers.
  • Improved Markbook: There is now the ability to see even more information about the state of assessments within the Class Markbook; teachers can easily switch to draft mode to see marks and to save time, weightings and grade visibility can also be adjusted directly from the markbook.

Want to know more?? Because there is much, much more!!!

Head to our release notes and don’t forget to watch the v20.0 Webinar Walkthrough, hosted by our very own Chief Product Owner, James Leckie. 

For our existing Schoolbox users, please test v20 on your staging server, and if everything is working as expected, book your upgrade today! Installations will commence Tuesday 14 April 2020!

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Have a Happy Easter and hope you are all staying safe!

Until next time, 

The Schoolbox Team