The Schoolbox Help app is finally here!

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By bojana.lazarevska
The Schoolbox Help app is finally here!

We’ve kept this a secret from our community, but we’ve been tinkering away in the background and working on building a Schoolbox Help app to greatly improve your Schoolbox experience.

Now, Schoolbox Help is better and more accessible than ever! We’ve once again partnered with the team at Digistorm to bring you an intuitive Help app that you can use on the go!

What you can expect

Our latest news, product releases, community forum and much more, right at your fingertips!

The Schoolbox Help app dashboard includes quick links to your unread messages, the latest Schoolbox news, new product releases, access to your groups and courses, and Teacher Course progress, as well as a snapshot of the most important Schoolbox information.

You can also configure and enable push notifications to stay on top of the things that matter to you most – like our new product releases!

The standout features

The Dashboard:
The dashboard provides an overview of the latest news, unread messages, new product releases and a snapshot of the most important Schoolbox information.

The messages section provides notifications of activity within Schoolbox. As content is added to groups that you are a member of and follow, you will receive a notification that will allow you to click through to the relevant Schoolbox page. Push notifications can also be configured and used.

My Groups & Courses:
The app’s ‘My Groups & Courses’ section gives you access to your Schoolbox Online Teacher Course and any other groups you are a member of. This means you have quick access to your course content, and relevant resources and forums.

My Progress:
Here, you can check your progress in the Teacher Course by accessing your grades and feedback, which will help you become a Schoolbox HERO.

In this area, you can find inspiration and ideas to improve the way your school uses your Schoolbox instance. This area contains different examples of best practice from various schools using Schoolbox and Schoolbox demo data.

Welcome to our community! These forums exist for our community to engage with one another, where they can ask for help and have general best practice Schoolbox chat.

At Schoolbox we love hearing our customers’ ideas and these forums exist for our community to engage with one another. Ideas that have more conversation and votes from our community are more likely to receive participation from our team. Thank you for your participation! Your ideas help us to continue to build and improve Schoolbox, learning management system and engagement platform for school communities

This area provides you access to our guides and resources to help you and your team use your Schoolbox instance. Here, you will find information on administration, Schoolbox components and Schoolbox features to help you roll out, administer, and use Schoolbox.

In this area, you are able to showcase to our Schoolbox Help community who you are, what you are proud of and what your goals are for using Schoolbox.

Here, you can read the latest Schoolbox news, which contain important information about release notes, guides, and more, so you can stay up to date with Schoolbox.

In this feature, you can review your app settings and configure push notifications. Turning notifications on allows you to review your message settings in Schoolbox that will apply for both Schoolbox and the Schoolbox Help app. From here, you can choose the frequency and method for a range of different content within Schoolbox, as well as choose to follow groups to receive messages.

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us should you need any further guidance.

We’re looking forward to seeing you being more active in Schoolbox Help and we hope you enjoy the app!

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