Schoolbox 13.5 Gold Release Announcement

Picture of By Sean Richards
By Sean Richards
Schoolbox 13.5 Gold Release Announcement

Dear Schoolbox Users.

We are proud to announce the final gold release of Schoolbox version 13.5 is now available to all users to install in your live environments. Thank you for your testing and feedback during the beta period.

Please note there was a last minute requirement for Synergetic users to add access to the luFileType table in Synergetic.  As we now group subjects on the student profile page by File Type.

The full information on this release is detailed on our wiki.

To schedule this update please email [email protected] with a time and date for this update to be applied to your server. The update should take approximately 30 minutes to complete with some service disruption during that time.

During this update we will also apply some security patches and updates to your services.  These will be pre tested and checked on your dev server before running on your live server.

13.5 Training

For those who have not yet organised training for version 13.5 we urge you to contact us today and schedule in time to conduct training with you to go over all the exciting new features. This will ensure you get the most from Schoolbox for your school.