Schoolbox 12.5 Roadmap

Picture of By James Leckie
By James Leckie
Schoolbox 12.5 Roadmap

For the 12.5 release of Schoolbox we plan to continue to focus on the Learning Management System (LMS) and ePortfolio.  Specifically we are looking to continue to improve our grading system with the addition of rubrics.  This will enable finer grained reporting towards curriculum criteria.  To support this improved reporting of student performance we are developing a new student grade card that will include graphs and performance analytic’s across subjects, assessments and criteria. Teachers will also have improved functionality available through out the submission system.

An archive of all assessments, submitted work and grades for the students entire school life will be maintained within Schoolbox.  This will enable both teachers and students to review progress not only by semesters but also by years.  We also believe self reflection, achievements and performance should be showcased.  To support this we will provide new modules for students ePortfolios that will integrate information dynamically from the students LMS results.

Previous versions of Schoolbox have had a very basic homepage statistics system.  Ever since its removal, many schools have called to see this information return.  Now version 12.5 will now include comprehensive statistics regarding views, users and popular resources for every homepage.

To support our client’s unique requirements we have a range of other addon modules launching in 2012/2013.  These include our mobile interface, boarder leave, video streaming and resource booking modules.

For more up to date information and an ongoing roadmap please refer to our wiki.