*NEW* Pastoral Care System released with v16!!!

Picture of By bojana.lazarevska
By bojana.lazarevska
*NEW* Pastoral Care System released with v16!!!

With the release of v16, we’re pleased to announce our new Pastoral Care System! With Schoolbox’s Pastoral Care System you can:

  • create pastoral care records for individual students.
  • monitor specific record types with the pastoral care report generator.
  • select the relevant audience for pastoral care records.
  • grant specific users moderator permissions.

For customers using Synergetic, the pastoral care system enables you to:

  • import existing pastoral care records from Synergetic to Schoolbox.
  • export pastoral care records from Schoolbox to Synergetic.
  • link existing pastoral care record types, sub-types and severity levels to existing codes in Synergetic.

The Pastoral Care System is available for customers on the Elite Plan.

Finally, we’d like to extend our thanks to the Schoolbox community for their suggestions in helping us build this feature. We want to build a product that makes your lives easier and your continued contributions help us to achieve this. Since the v16 pre-release of the Pastoral Care System, we’ve taken on some of your feedback and suggestions and added the ability to hide the pastoral care system from parents AND link to pastoral care sub-types in Synergetic. You can, of course, continue to suggest features in the Pastoral Care Ideas Forum.