Free Icons for Building your Tiles

Picture of By Matt Sambell
By Matt Sambell
Free Icons for Building your Tiles

Ahoy me Mateys!

Our Tiles Component has been such a hit with our customers. It’s proving to be a handy tool for creating pretty navigational tiles/quicklinks to popular destinations.

We want to fuel your creativity further, therefore we’ve searched the world wide interwebs and collected a boat load of free-to-use icon sets.

Also included in this icon bundle is our very own Schoolbox icon set. 😀

So, to all my fellow user experience nerds, go freely now, create, construct, direct traffic and behold and marvel at the flourishing user-friendliness, feel-good atmosphere within the corridors and great halls at your schools.

Download your icons here.


Tiles Improvements

Finally, due to the powerful amount of wonderful ideas and suggestions for tiles improvements, from our beloved Schoolbox community, we are releasing the following improvements to Tiles for v15.0 Gold (May 2015):

  • Animated gifs: all of Schoolbox now accepts animated gifs, including your tiles!!
  • Align text left, centred or right, at the top, middle or bottom of your tile.
  • Position the image left, centred or right, at the top, middle or bottom of your tile. Allows you to have text below the image, beside etc.
  • Specify padding (spacing) between your tiles.
  • Set your background image to “stretch to cover entire tile”.
  • Load link in current tab or new tab.

Thanks to all those who speak out on our community forums, sharing your ideas and voting on other great ideas. We encourage you to invite others to join the community and feel the success! 😛


More Icons

Here’s another link to a huge set of free icons for download: 50 Free, Flat And Gorgeous Icon Sets For The Modern Designer



Links to the icons we collected: