Become a Schoolbox Partner

Become a Schoolbox Partner


At Schoolbox, we continually strive to improve our product, which is why we welcome partnerships with leading software and service providers. Our partnerships strengthen the solutions available for our schools and span across strategy, integration, implementation and new application development.

Strategic Partners

We work closely with our strategic partners to ensure our shared and prospective customers get the utmost benefit from our software!

Here’s what our strategic partners receive:

  • Access to discuss the development roadmap with our product team.
  • Access to our technical staff to discuss and advance integration projects.
  • Access to our support services.
  • Information sharing, joint sales and tender opportunities.
  • Joint marketing opportunities.
  • Attendance to the Schoolbox User Meetups.

Solutions and Implementation Partners

We support our solutions partners to learn how to implement, train and support Schoolbox in schools, leaving you skilled in best practice, consulting and training. Solutions partners provide implementation, support, consulting and training services directly to schools using Schoolbox to ensure our schools get more value and experience success from our product.

Benefits to solutions partners:


You will be listed on our website partners page.

Business Generation

Our public endorsement of your company on our website can generate leads for your business. Additionally, our sales teams are aware of our partners and are often sharing information and sales leads for you to develop into new business opportunities.

Help Centre

We support partners via access to our support team. You can utilise our support services on behalf of your customers and your company at no charge. This is by simply visiting our Help Centre or through our support team.


Where you already have a relationship at a school and that school implements Schoolbox, we are happy to allow you to send members of your team into the training sessions to build their knowledge both of our training services and the content we teach within these sessions. Also, if we provide additional training to existing shared customers then we are happy for you to be present. Alternatively, if you would like us to conduct formal training to staff, we would be happy to provide full/half day training at our regular rates.

First to know

You will be subscribed to receive the emails we send our customer administrators. This ensures you are included in product updates, invitations to our events, and release notes for both minor weekly releases and major releases.


We often receive feedback from our clients on the services provided by our partners and, based on this, we may in the future implement a ranked partner system (bronze/silver/gold) to reward partners who are able to demonstrate the most value to our customers.

Integration partners

Integration partners are those that have had their technology integrated into Schoolbox. This typically includes school management systems, student information systems, open standards, content and media providers, 3rd party applications, authentication standards, file transfer protocols, timetable systems and reporting applications.

Application development partners

If you would like to develop an application to extend the Schoolbox platform through our API, we would welcome an opportunity to discuss your concepts and ideas. Generally, we would support application development partners to ensure that their implementation is created on best practise principles. Such applications might include native mobile applications, reporting systems or any platform you believe would positively extend the Schoolbox platform.

Schoolbox Integration Documentation

Solutions and Implementation Partners help our schools achieve ongoing success