Resilience in Uncertain Times: Supporting School Teachers

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By Matt Sambell
Resilience in Uncertain Times: Supporting School Teachers
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By Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller is a clinical psychologist committed to supporting young people create futures that they can fall in love with. Having worked with schools across Australia, NZ, Asia and the UK; Andrew identifies resilience as “the happy knack of being able to bungee jump through the pitfalls of life—to rise above adversity and obstacles”. In times of uncertainty, Andrew advises adopting the Resilient Mindset—Connect, Protect and Respect (CPR).

Resilience in uncertain times infographic that explain psychologically what we might feel and suggest a way to cope with the situation through connecting, protecting and respecting.

If you would like to display this infographic in your school, home or office; download a printable PDF version for your desired size here.