Schoolbox Help Centre – Official Launch

Picture of By Kay Nageswaran
By Kay Nageswaran
Schoolbox Help Centre – Official Launch

A place dedicated to our customer community — built in Schoolbox 🙂

Imagine a place for all schools using Schoolbox to come together as one community. Well, it’s here.

We’re proud to announce the official launch of the Schoolbox Help Centre and guess what’s running this amazing community portal? Yes, that’s right… Schoolbox!

The Schoolbox Help Centre is a one-stop-shop that provides you and all of your staff a place to:

  • Suggest features in our ideas forum and have your say in shaping Schoolbox!
  • Find answers to your questions and share your knowledge in our questions forum.
  • Connect with other schools using Schoolbox in local user groups.
  • Further your professional development through the online teacher training course (built in Schoolbox).You can work through different levels to build your skills and maximise your experience in Schoolbox. Even better, the teacher course is mapped against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and can be logged as professional development hours!
  • Access step-by-step guides and information about how to use Schoolbox.
  • Explore our inspiration and best practice areas to better your school’s use and implementation of Schoolbox.
  • Be engaged in community forums and share best practice ideas with other schools.
  • Post and find jobs within the Schoolbox community.

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If you don’t have an account, OR you want to get accounts for all of your staff for the Schoolbox Help Centre, you will need to contact our support team.

New Online Teacher Training Course

At Schoolbox, we see the value in a self-paced, flipped model of learning. So we’ve created an online teacher training model which is delivered through Schoolbox and allows users to work through levels at their own pace, watching short instructional videos and setting up their Schoolbox environment. Users also receive individualised feedback from our Schoolbox Teachers, which ensures they are all trained Schoolbox Heroes! Using this flipped method has proven to be an incredibly successful way to skill up our schools’ teachers.

So, if you are looking for an easy and flexible way for your staff to get up to speed and learn more about Schoolbox, our new online training courses are your answer!

Reach out to your account manager to discuss getting access to the online teacher training course.