An Expanding Universe

Picture of By Ellen Richards
By Ellen Richards
An Expanding Universe

The explosion of technologies available to today’s educators means students have never had more opportunity to reach their potential.

The Educator’s Technology Report presents some of the most interesting technology providers in the K-12 market to see the problems they are solving for schools.

The Technology Report interview with Sean Richards and James Leckie, Co-Founders of Schoolbox, about the future for education highlights that the K-12 education market today is in the midst of its own technology ‘Big Bang’.  With a fast-expanding universe of technology options available, innovative educators have never before had so much choice to make the most of their students’ education.

Sean Richards sees a future for education that will move towards a much higher level of gamification and personalisation. “We are moving the company towards being more adaptable to individual student abilities and needs. We see a time where teachers will be acting more as mentors and tutors rather than lecturers, as they’ll be helping students with problems they are facing in class but not necessarily telling them all the information they need.”

Students will also learn more collaboratively, mimicking future work environments. “Today’s workplaces require people to be adept in collaborating, working in project teams, on things that are bigger than one person,” he says. “Education will increasingly be designed around training students how to work in teams, break things down into smaller parts and achieve individual successes within a larger project.” Technology is the catalyst for such innovations. Whether it’s the evolution of a LMS, better and faster IT infrastructure and networks, a vaster range of content like video on demand, or better equipment in the classroom, educators are now using a range of products to connect with their students.

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